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Latin Piano session with Lucas Quintana. Saucer Sound.

"The Vessel". Strings.

Recording John Lockhart . Fire Fly

Hanan Townshend and Kelly. Dewar's Scotch. Strings. 12 Street Sound.

Recording at Firestation Studios.

E.J, Doyle Dykes. Les Paul duet.

Recording Oz Noy "Twisted Blues Vol 1". Saucer Sound.

Dewar's Scotch. String 12 Street Sound.

Kelly and Hanan Townshend. Strings. Terrence Malick's "Knight of Cups".

Recording E.J for Christopher Cross cd "Dr Faith". Saucer Sound.

Recording Doyle Dykes. Saucer Sound.

David Grissom and Kelly.

Recording E.J and Mike Stern. "Eclectic". Saucer Sound.

Andy Johns, E.J, Kelly. Saucer Sound.

Firestation Studios.

Anton Fig, Kelly, Roscoe Beck, Oz Noy, Reese Wynans.

Recording Clay Corn. Fire Fly

"The Vessel" strings with Hanan Townshend.

Omar and the Howlers. Saucer Sound.

Flaco Jimenez and Kelly. Studio Plush.

Hanan Townshend. Strings. "The Better Angels".

Recording drums at Firestation Studios.

Hanan Townshend and Kelly. St Martin's.